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Nirmal Baba - News Makers

Nirmaljeet Singh Narula or Nirmal Baba is a controversial,self-proclaimed godman and "spiritual leader" known for his public discourses and has followers in some parts of India and Nepal. Born in 1952 in Samana, near Patiala, Punjab. He moved to Daltonganj in Jharkhand with his family soon after the murder of his father.   In 2012, Nirmal Baba became controversial and came to limelight following several allegations of cheating and fraud against him in several Indian states. He is currently under investigation for allegedly cheating several of his followers across India. Nirmal himself alleges that all these charges are part of a conspiracy to defame him.   Nirmal Darbar is of the paid televised show that is telecast with Nirmal Baba's public meetings. His public gatherings are known by the same name. < Read less Read more >

Nirmal Baba Photo
Nirmal Baba