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Annabelle Apsion (born 22 March 1963, London) is an English film and television actress. She is a former student of Godalming College and the University of Wales. She is best-known for playing \"Joy Wilton\" in Soldier Soldier, \"Betty\" in My Good Friend, \"Beverly\" in The Lakes, \"Patricia Hillman\" in Coronation Street, \"Monica Gallagher\" in Shameless, and \"Mrs. Beech\" in Michelle Magorian\'s Goodnight Mister Tom. Films she has appeared in include Tulse Luper Suitcase as Mrs Haps-Mills, May 33 as Jenny, Flight of Fancy as Honey, About a Boy, , From Hell as Polly, The War Zone, Lolita, This Year\'s Love and The Wrong Blonde She has the rare achievement of appearing in two different episodes of Midsomer Murders as two different characters, Death in Chorus and Dead Man\'s 11 Annabelle is also co-founder and practitioner of the Rosen Method Bodywork in the UK, an alternative health practice which integrates mind and body. < Read less Read more >

Annabelle Apsion